Jericho Gate is a residential and tourism project which will be the first of its kind in Palestine and will include tourist and entertainment facilities comprising villas, hotels, resorts, a sports city, amusement and water parks, malls and other facilities.

The primary objective of the project is creating the conditions for enhancing local economic growth. The project is promoted as a residential, cultural, commercial and touristic development. The Project shall provoke a sense of community through the location and orientation of the amenities/buildings, through landscaping, and through common shared out-door spaces that should be naturally shaded by trees, and greenery.

The objective of conducting a Value Engineering study on the project documents is to improve the project value. However, our primary objective will be to customize quality and optimize cost.

Assignment included:
the VE services performed following the six phases:

  • Phase One: Information: Obtain a thorough understanding of the project’s design criteria and objectives.
  • Phase Two: Function Analysis: identify and define the primary and secondary functions of the project, and performing value verification of the options.
  • Phase Three: Alternates: develop a number of alternative concepts t satisfy the project’s primary functions.
  • Phase Four: Evaluation: evaluate the alternative concepts developed the VE Team
  • Phase Five: Development: Those concepts that ranked highest in the evaluation will be further developed into VE recommendations.
  • Phase Six: Presentation: The VE Team presented their finding in the form of a written report