The overall objective of  the project is to contribute to the socio-economic development of the Tubas Tayasir region by supporting and improving water and wastewater services to the population, through increasing the awareness of households, farmers, institutions and industry in the Tubas Tayasir area on health, economic and environmental impacts related to the improvement of water and wastewater services with a focus on the reuse of wastewater.

The project shall develop an innovative and efficient communication campaign and implement it to reach the objectives and obtain the results, and to reach effectiveness in the development of the communication

strategy, through data collection and analyzing, mass media and communication methods to determine the best implementation of the campaign and to validate all steps to ensure the key objectives of the outreach effort are fully met.

Assignment included:

  • Provide a detailed description of the methodology and an activity schedules for each input of the assignment;
  • Implement survey/assessment of public awareness with regard to this specific issue
  • Define the communication objectives / tools based on the study
  • Design and implement a media campaign that includes (logo design, TV/radio ads, newspaper ads, billboards, leaflets, and promotional items).
  • Design and implement outreach campaigns targeting various public (youth, households, industrials farmers, school); The minimum outputs expected are: 
    • 6 workshops are organized with a attendance coverage of no less than 2,000 people
    • 2 Children-oriented activities are organized
  • Provide reporting at the end of each awareness campaign activities carried out, including indicators showing that the outputs are reached.