The primary purpose of the Project is to improve the regional water system and expand services to new customers. Kharas is served by a water source from the new Jaba’ - Nuba pipeline. Nuba is served from the old Jaba ’- Nuba pipeline. In the future, Surif, Kharas, Nuba and Beit Ula communities will be served from the new Jaba ’- Nuba pipeline with one connection for each.

The project includes the following elements: 

  • Construction of new Surif and Kharas booster stations, including 250 m³ break tanks 
  • Construction of new transmission mains (approx.. 5 km) 
  • Construction of a distribution network (approx.. 11.5 km) and connections 
  • Construction of Surif, Kharas, Hitta and Beit Ula service connection chambers with SCADA monitoring system 
  • Rehabilitation of the existing ductile iron pipe between the end of the Jaba’ - Nuba   
  • Transmission pipeline and the Beit Ula connection chamber 
  • Improvement of Nuba, Surif and Kharas existing water reservoirs.

Assignment included:
Construction supervision and Contract administration Cost, time, and quality management.
Coordination with relevant stakeholders and authorities. Reporting Quantity takeoff measurements and approval of payments. As built drawings, operational manual and closure of the project.