The proposed 3,400 m3/day desalination plant expansion is located within the boundary of the existing     Middle Area Desalination plant in Deir Al Balah, which currently treats 2,600 m3/day. The total water discharged into the existing Al-Aqsa blending tank through an existing 10 inch UPVC pipeline will be 6,000 m3/day. The desalination process uses reverse osmosis (RO) technology for blending with other well water and desalinated water sources as a means for additional potable water supply

The projects include the following elements.

  • Supply and installation of a complete 3,400m3/day RO-SWDP Sea Water Desalination Plant with all associated systems
  • Three new beach wells – two in operation and one standby
  • Sea Water Intake Line, which will take raw water from the existing and new beach wells
  • Brine Discharge Line, which will carry the combined brine from the existing RO units.

Assignment included:
Construction supervision and Contract administration Cost, time, and quality management.
Coordination with relevant stakeholders and authorities. Reporting Quantity takeoff measurements and approval of payments. As built drawings, operational manual and closure of the project.