Narrative Description of Project:

The purpose of the program is to enhance the capacity of Hebron Municipality to meet operational equilibrium regarding water and wastewater management.

The Technical Assistance Program is one umbrella contract gathering diverse types of actions, including long term TA assessors, specific studies, and short term missions, training program and small support equipment, over a three-year period.

The core objective of the TA is to develop the water and wastewater sector in Hebron City and enable the municipality to provide sustainable services to the inhabitants in line with local and national policy agendas.


Description of Actual Services provided by your staff within the assignment:

  1. Institutional and organizational assistance: Support Hebron Municipality to establish a viable water and wastewater utility.
  2. Upgrade of operational and maintenance services: Prepare Hebron Municipality and the new utility to operate and maintain water and wastewater facilities including the wastewater treatment Plant.
  3. Provide “Quick Gains” that show tangible service improvement.
  4. Prepare for the Future: Preparation of additional studies TORs or specific reporting.
  5. Tariff Study: Development of billing and collection reform study, and a possible awareness campaign to improve willingness to pay for water and wastewater services.
  6. Industrial Wastewater Management Program: Coordinate with the industrial wastewater program currently being implemented by Hebron Municipality to ensure that there are no deleterious impacts on the functioning of Hebron Regional Wastewater Treatment Plant.